Q1. How is your name pronounced?
U-co-gi. 'U' like 'ultimate', 'CO' like 'cozy' and 'GI' like 'gear'.

Q2. What is this site for?
This site is all about sexy animated fun! Viewers feedback in the Forum is essential. It makes us create stuff people would enjoy. We try to please the viewers while getting motivated by them - a win/win situation!

Q3. Why did you decide to make a porn site?
This is a 100% free site and it's not about porn. Porn is just meaningless and vulgar sex. It's not about art either. Art is a bad excuse to create weird stuff. If anything, this is an erotic and fun site where the visitors can participate for Ucogi's upcoming animations, games and downloads. They can also use the Forum to chat, roleplay and share fantasies with each other.

Q4. Who is Ucogi and who is Alice?
Ucogi is a maid who's obsessed with cleaning and she has some unique fighting skills that would be revealed later on. She was conceived on September 2008 as a mascot for www.ChaosLevel.com. Alice is a mysterious goth girl with seemingly special powers. She appeared in the animated video "Gore in the Dark".

Q5. Tell us a bit about your creator
Ucogi believes that there is a higher being out there who makes naked drawings of her using Adobe Flash. Veins is her creator and Vak is her godfather, since he came up with her name.

Q6. What is the main concept behind the games?
We try to make games that would be not only sexy, but also fun and interesting to play. They should have easy controls that won't distract the gamer too much from having fun. It's hard to combine sex with action and fun, but this is probably the best path to follow. We try to avoid the typical Hentai gameplay, because we don't think that there is any gameplay in clicking buttons to view galleries, wait for a bar to load or clicking uninteresting choices after reading tons of dialogues.

Q7. How often do you update?
Approximately at the beginning of each month there is an update.

Q8.  When can we see Ucogi naked fully naked / having sex?
She appears completely naked at the Secret Menu of SummerSlide! Also in the ending of St. Patty's game elements of paizuri and yuri can be found. Check the games and if you are lucky, there's some hentai stuff in the Secret Menu of the site :)

Q9.  What is the SecretMenu?
Originally it was a hidden text of personal data in the file "The epic boobs of Ucogi" and it made people go to www.ChaosLevel.com and search for it! So we decided to make it real and have it somewhere in Ucogi.com. Also, in each game, Alice provides clues about the secrets of the game you currently play. If you wan't to know more, click here.

Q10.  Is Ucogi and her friends at a legal age?
Yes everyone is 18+ except Rudy who's 16. Also in some stories the characters may apear to be younger.

If you are worried, read the facts and decide for yourself: The age of consent is the age at which a person is considered to have the legal capacity to consent to sexual activity. The ages of consent for sexual activity vary by region and year. The age of consent in all US states set their limits between 16 and 18. In U.S. if you are 18 you can smoke, gamble, buy shotguns, join the military, get a piercing or tattoo, even be a pornstar but you are not mature enough to be allowed to buy a beer.
In any case let's not forget that this is a work of fiction and not reality. In a similar matter, in Ultimate X-Men, Rogue and Ice Man had (off-screen) sex and she lost her virginity to him, at the age of 14-15 without even using condoms. Moreover, The Bible contains murder, rape, cannibalism, necrophilia, sadism, masochism, and virtually every other form of crime, degeneracy, bestiality, and horror, but yet, is allowed to be studied by anyone, including kids.

Q11.  Do you really need these ugly advertisements in the site? They make this site look cheap!
The site costs money to have and maintain, so yes the ads are needed because they bring some of that money back. Any money gained is used to cover the sites' expenses and invested in the making of new games (additional assistance needs to be compensated). So if you want to contribute even a little, please visit the ads! The ads can track each individual and unique click and they pay according to these numbers. The site gains 1 cent per click, so every single click helps! (Due to the site's content, only adult ads can be used)

Q12.  Donations?
The money for donations is used for the maintenance of the site and to pay programmers for the games.
This site is free but donations are very welcome! If you wish to donate click the Donation button.
Donations are disabled at this point.
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
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